Craft camps for adult women. 20 Best Sleep-Away Camps for Grown-Ups.

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Craft camps for adult women

Rock Hill, NY If you're looking to fine-tune your work-life balance, a three-and-a-half day excursion with Camp GLP — a program which emphasizes mindfulness in business, mixing workshops on branding and launching your business with bookbinding classes, storytelling circles, and meditation groups — might help you figure out how to start a company without losing your mind in the process. You receive quality instruction and feedback from seasoned professional artists who are dedicated to their arts. Feather River Art Camp provides a surge of creative energy to enlighten the rest of your year. You are enjoying a week expanding your creativity and making art. As if that weren't cool enough, the cost of Ladies Rock Camp goes to fund Girls Rock Camps , week-long programs that teach rock musicianship, songwriting skills, and self-esteem to girls Feather River Art Camp is the perfect joyful blend of fine art, creativity, nature, restoration, fun and camaraderie. June , Session 2: Club Getaway Location: Mendocino, CA Yearn for the good old days of the sleepaway camp experience, where people expected you to participate in talent shows and make crafts, not participate in client presentations and craft TPS reports? Think of it as networking over s'mores instead of martinis. Interlochen, MI Are your favorite high school memories all about cleaning your oboe? Maybe you and I attended very different summer camps. Craft camps for adult women

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Craft camps for adult women

Craft camps for adult women

Craft camps for adult women

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  1. You shouldn't have to drink the bug juice in the mess hall. Three complimentary arts workshops are given with their registration.

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