Movies like the strangers on netflix. The 25 scariest movies on Netflix right now.

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Top 10 Things to Watch If You Like Stranger Things

Movies like the strangers on netflix

You want the original version of this movie, not the remake starring Camilla Belle. Exercise caution on this one. This is a savage, bloody nightmare. Though, in The Endless, the end is uncertain, but maybe the title makes that a smidge obvious. Both halves are entertaining in their own way, although genre purists who went in expecting a vampire film were probably perplexed by the lead-in to the payoff. Critical examination aside, it truly is a frightening film, from the scene where Cole is locked in a box with an abusive ghost to the little moments I always found the scene where all the kitchen cabinets and drawers open at once while off-screen to be particularly effective. The Strangers The impact of this film vastly overshadows its poor critical performance. This subgenre has been around for decades, but thanks to solid performances and sharp directing, The Strangers feels fresh. Vincent, in her filmmaking debut. First is the performance of actress Kate Siegel as protagonist Maddie, who displays just the right level of both vulnerability and resolve, without making too many of the boneheaded slasher film character choices that encourage you to stand up and yell at the screen. Watch it here Annihilation On the whole, this Netflix original was not marketed as a scary film, but there is absolutely no denying how utterly terrifying many parts of it are - like, Jesus, that goddamn bear. On the other hand, the documentary is frustrating at times for not asking or answering what seem like fairly obvious questions, i. It follows two blokes on a hunting trip up in Scotland that goes drastically wrong, and they go to increasingly fraught lengths to hide it. Movies like the strangers on netflix

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Movies like the strangers on netflix

Movies like the strangers on netflix

Movies like the strangers on netflix

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  1. The plot is standard but still creepy: The result is a tense, effective thriller that goes out of its way to highlight two strong actors in an unfettered celebration of their craft.

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