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So here I am, sitting on the sofa across from the two chicas, debating what to do as they divide their time from looking at me and the telenovela on the small television beside me. At first, I thought she was trying to contact Minel but I was able to understand from her conversation that she was calling someone else to get permission for the transaction. A little bizarre, perhaps, but true. Oh, yeah, Minel. Fellow mongers, if you really want to experience mongering for the Mexican working class, try SexyTijuana. The older was competent but clearly just going through the motions. As I said, a SexyTijuana. Then unexpectedly, the elder calls someone on her phone. She did not even pop her head in the bathroom to say she was sorry. At first, I was not sure if they understood me, but quickly I was able to discern that my Spanish had effectively conveyed the appropriate message. According to my cohorts, she arrived as I was washing up in the one-gallon-per-five-hours super-high flow shower. Happy Hunting! And, of course, as with many of the chicas on SexyTijuana. Of all the nerve! At first, I was understandably angered and upset. Sexytijuana

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  1. The first was older and appeared battle-hardened. After some initial e-mail communication and then a successful phone call all done in Spanish, mind you , Minel and I made an appointment.

  2. It started with a half-hearted but pleasing four-handed, minute massage. Then unexpectedly, the elder calls someone on her phone.

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