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Anal hairy

For example, you may have a mild itch around your anus. This may be a skin specialist a dermatologist or a colorectal surgeon who specialises in problems affecting the colon and anus. An antihistamine medicine that makes you drowsy may be worth a try at bedtime. The following tips often help to stop the itch: For example: Wear loose cotton underwear not nylon. Avoid scented or perfumed versions. Avoid wearing tight-fitting trousers. A medicine can clear threadworms if they are the cause. If symptoms persist for three or four weeks after doing the above then your doctor may refer you to a specialist. You then develop a worse itch. Another treatment involves injecting a chemical called methylthioninium chloride methylene blue into and beneath the skin of the anus. You may then clean your anus with a scented soap. Anal hairy

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Anal hairy

Anal hairy

Anal hairy

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  1. Also, wash your anus at bedtime. Do not put on underwear until your anus is fully dry. An itchy bottom and a vicious circle A 'vicious circle' itch-scratch cycle sometimes develops.

  2. If possible, do not sit for long periods and try not to get too hot. As there are a number of possible causes listed above , it is best to be examined and checked out by a doctor to diagnose or rule out known causes. The aim is to allow air to get to your anus as much as possible and to avoid getting too sweaty.

  3. If possible, do not sit for long periods and try not to get too hot. Medicines that are put on to the skin near the anus to treat problems such as haemorrhoids may irritate the anal skin and cause a type of dermatitis. See a doctor if any of these symptoms develop:

  4. Also, if you have had an itchy bottom in the past, you are more likely to develop it again at some point in the future. Scratching can make the itch worse - which makes you want to scratch more, etc.

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