Benton county missouri sexual offenders. Sheriff: Level 3 sex offender released from prison Wednesday, will live in Corvallis.

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Benton county missouri sexual offenders

MDPS updates this information regularly, to try to assure that it is complete and accurate. MSHP also maintains a map with locations of sex offenders in the state. Persons who have been arrested or charged with a registrable sex offense or a child- victim oriented offense are not required to register unless the arrest or charge results in a conviction. Conditions of Use: Furthermore the database is compiled based, in part, upon information provided by the convicted offender and such information is not independently verified by MDPS. Also, you may use the map application to search your neighborhood or anywhere throughout the state to determine the specific locations of registrants. To correct erroneous information in the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry or to report a change in sex offender information, including a change of address, contact the MDPS via e-mail, mail or telephone at the below listed number and addresses. The information in this registry is provided to MDPS by criminal justice agencies and representatives. MDPS is not responsible for any banners or other material that such providers may add to what you see on your computer screen while trying to view our site via a link provided by an outside enterprise. The MSA reported that it had contacted all sheriffs in Missouri who, in turn, stated that they were not contacted by the Auditor or her staff to discuss the issue of registration of sex offenders. Benton county missouri sexual offenders

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Benton county missouri sexual offenders

Benton county missouri sexual offenders

Benton county missouri sexual offenders

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  1. Anyone who uses this information to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to criminal prosecution.

  2. Level 4 offenders live with impaired judgment or control of sexual or violent compulsions. For questions regarding the information included in thisregistry, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questionssection or contact MDPS via e-mail at msor mdps.

  3. You can directly access this page and avoid potential monitoring of your use of this site by a private or commercial enterprise or other third party provider by going to: Benton County Jail Administrator, Greg Wenberg, who registers sex offenders, states that there is not currently a problem with local non-compliant sex offenders in Benton County. If a letter is not returned, then a check is made to see if the offender has moved without notice.

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