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How to Use a Vibrator - Sex Toy Tutorial - Rabbit Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator

Rampant rabbit anal

In we sold over 1 million Rabbits in 12 months — this outstripped sales of washing machines and tumble driers combined. Get creative and try out our 20 tips below for new ways to use your fave vibe solo or with your lover. Sit yourself down so you're facing him and allow your wrap to fall to the floor. You'll experience new sensations and stronger orgasms due to increased nerve sensitivity. This will be an incredible turn on and show exactly how much you love your rabbit and the way they use it on you. As with all our sex toys, we recommend using YES organic lubricants. Be sure to make him wait. Packed with guaranteed orgasm inducing Climax Technology, these bunnies buzz like no other. Make sure you only use the vibe settings — turning on any shaft movements will be pointless and very uncomfortable against your throat. Used vaginally, the Rabbit provides intense G-spot stimulation as well as mind blowing clitoral vibes, guaranteed to get you off. After waves of ecstasy, return the favour by using your vibrator to make your man come. The Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit uniquely combines pressure wave clitoral stimulation with a traditional G-spot vibrator. The rumbling vibes will transfer to them and give a new, tantalising twist to the act that they've probably never experienced before. Be vocal and tell them what you like, how deep, fast and powerful you want it and when. We created a life changer and the world's most popular sex toy for women. Rampant rabbit anal

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Rampant rabbit anal

Rampant rabbit anal

Rampant rabbit anal

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  1. Simply lay your toy on a hot water bottle or if you have a waterproof rabbit, leave to stand in hot or cold water for a few minutes before play.

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