Who played florida on good times. From Good Times To Bad: Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Good Times?.

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Who played florida on good times

As a stay-at-home mother, she's the super-glue that keeps the Evans family together. But family and financial challenges aside, Florida is the quintessential hostess and possessed of a generous spirit. She is survived by two sisters and a brother. Apparently Amos had multiple disagreements with producer Norman Lear, who by the third season told Amos that his contract with not going to be renewed. Search This Blog: The two were married from to Later on, in a stand-off with Good Times producer Norman Lear , Rolle also quit when her contract ended. Evans took the show in what she thought was a frivolous direction. Rolle's gravesite and headstone Death[ edit ] Rolle died on November 17, in Culver City, California , [2] from complications of diabetes , nine days after her 78th birthday. Often the brunt of fat jokes delivered by J. Who played florida on good times

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Who played florida on good times

Who played florida on good times

Who played florida on good times

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  1. As the first sitcom ever with an African American two-parent family, it was extremely successful; They filmed episodes, and everyone of them are still in syndication on various cable and public TV channels around the country. Her last film, Train Ride was released in despite being filmed in

  2. But after this, executives at CBS realized the show was plateauing due to lack of parental guidance with both of the Evans household heads gone. Sure, I want to do my thing in films, but not at the expense of my job.

  3. Although the show continued without her for the fifth season, she returned for the show's final season. Click on to find out why! Esther Rolle passed away in due to complications from diabetes, nine days after her 78th birthday.

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