Cuckold agreement. Our cuckold contract.

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His Life as a Cuckold Husband Audiobook by Kat Black

Cuckold agreement

Denial of witness to extramarital affair activities. Encouraging the Wife to take pleasure with others outside the marriage. There are some single guys who are really good at this lifestyle because they have a creative imagination to come up with new scenarios. Wearing the chastity belt symbolizes the Wife's absolute domination and control of the marital penis. My husband and I have been into cuckold play for many years. The husband is required to advise the Wife when his workday is easy and he is available to service the Wife. I never asked him why he likes it. Section 2 2. Given in groups of six, the number of groups depending on the severity of the crime. Dress code including chastity devices. She may demand the husband provide Her with pornographic stories or pictures for Her amusement. For us and others we know, it's a form of role play fantasy, just like dressing up as a nurse and doing that whole medical exam fantasy. Adult Superstore Below you will find a cuckold marriage contract. The Wife has complete ownership and control of the marital penis and She and only She will decide when it will touched, rubbed, sucked or placed into or on any object whether animate or inanimate and when or if it may ejaculate. The Wife's right to engage in any sexual activity outside the marriage that gives Her pleasure. Cuckold agreement

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Cuckold agreement

Cuckold agreement

Cuckold agreement

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  1. He further agrees that Susan possesses the unconditional right to allow others to use his body as well, and to dictate what use they may put it to.

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