How to deal with a competitive friend. Jealous Of Your Friends? Why That Could Actually Be A Good Thing.

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How to deal with a competitive friend

Accept that you might be wrong, and that you're doing this only to assure yourself. However, if you think that by giving it time, these problems might fade away on their own, you can choose to keep quiet about the entire issue. Neha Joshi Last Updated: Your friend is bound to have trigger points - the topics that really rev his or her competitive engine. Not only can being genuinely supportive bring down the intensity of the competition, understanding that their behavior probably stems from insecurity can help you feel compassionate and connected instead of frustrated or distant. Supporting yourself in these ways will help you feel more secure and less affected by competition when it creeps up. It teaches you to connect with people irrespective of their age, sex, or ethnicity. Instead of acting on the feelings competition can stir up, like frustration, envy, or sadness, try showing yourself some love and self-compassion. Talking about your triggers together will help you stay close even if you decide to set limits. This should help your friend become humbler, less critical and more tolerant of herself, and balance out her rivalrousness with reality. The good news is that if competition increased over time, it can just as likely turn into something a little more manageable. Mar 2, A Simple Solution. It is friendship that makes the world a happier place to live in. Accept that you may not be able to quench the competitive fire and let go. There's a way around the issue, and it involves being open and honest with the friends you believe to be jealous. The final option you must face is this: Thus, consciously try to not lash out during such a situation and praise your friend instead. How to deal with a competitive friend

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How to deal with a competitive friend

How to deal with a competitive friend

How to deal with a competitive friend

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  1. Ultimately, you're going to have to tell your friend that her competitive nature is damaging your relationship. Spend more time on non-competitive activities. Here are some tips for dealing with a competitive friend.

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