Stila stay all day liquid liner dupe. The One Liquid Eyeliner the Internet Is Obsessed With (and 3 Drugstore Dupes).

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Best Eyeliner? Maybelline Master Precise VS Kat Von D Tattoo and Stila Stay All Day Eyeliner

Stila stay all day liquid liner dupe

As most matte lipsticks, it is a little bit on the dry side, but the color is gorgeous. Eyeshadow Save: In front of an oven. But the eyeliner Blush Save: Others began to chime in on the amazingness of the product, each offering up their own experiences with it. What I used: So over the years, we've found some drugstore duplicates that are arguably just as good as this famous liner. Oh, well of course we will always carry the Stila eyeliner, even if we don't carry any other Stila product. The fine marker-like tip offers precise application for everyone from novices to pros and results in beautifully defined eyes that will leave a lasting impression. The drugstore dupes are on the left, and the high end products are on the right. Then connect it when lining the rest of the eye. The silver shimmer gives this taupe shade gorgeous depth and dimension. Stila stay all day liquid liner dupe

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Stila stay all day liquid liner dupe

Stila stay all day liquid liner dupe

Stila stay all day liquid liner dupe

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  1. Pull gently on the upper corner of the eye area to stretch and smooth the eye before lining with the liquid eye liner. Another person describes a scene that happened when they were in Sephora:

  2. The original Voluminous formula is a cult favorite, but I really love the brush on this version.

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