Beyonce butt workout. 9 Moves to Get a Beyoncé Bubble Butt.

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The Kim Kardashian Butt Workout

Beyonce butt workout

Return to your starting position. Today, we are going to show you how to strengthen the gluteal muscles in your body. Surfboard Squats Or as Beyonce says, "Surfbort! Swinging your arms for balance and momentum, jump up and switch legs, landing in a lunge with your left foot forward. Bey even penned the forward of Borges' accompanying book, The Day Revolution , available in April. Repeat for one minute. I like to add a bounce between switches for a deeper workout. Repeat three times for a minute workout. Any time you want to build muscle, make sure you are getting enough protein to refuel the muscle. Slow, controlled movements, with the core engaged and buttocks tightened, are most impactful. Hover your right knee out to your right side so that it is parallel with your hips. Begin with a single 5lb dumbbell, a mat and of course, yourself. As you are coming back up, power up with a jump, turn and land facing the opposite side. The bridge Equipment needed: Hover your right knee to start and cross your right thigh behind your left thigh. Beyonce butt workout

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Beyonce butt workout

Beyonce butt workout

Beyonce butt workout

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  1. Repeat for the full minute. Perform the desired number of reps, or until failure. Return to your starting position.

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