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SPEED DATING TONIGHT! Four ensembles. Audio reference for learning

Michael ching speed dating tonight

By the end of my first rehearsal with them I was hooked and eager to apply this new sonic palette to opera. The characters are fresh and modern, and very diverse. It's something almost everyone can relate to on some level. The music in this scene is written in a variety of keys and the sequence is left to the producers. With no reeds, no mouthpieces, no strings, no sticks, the variety of sounds they were capable of making was virtually unlimited. I think most people will recognize a character trait that they possess themselves, at least to some extent. The casual atmosphere of the show will also appeal to younger audiences. Just like no two people are the same! It can be presented in a formal theatre or black box, or performed in a bar. They leave together. Speed Dating Tonight! It is one of three minute operas about Grant Wood commissioned by Cedar Rapids Opera, to be presented in April The license comes with the right to make as many copies of the score needed, so the show has no expensive piano vocal scores to buy. All but one of the performers are current HSU students;one is a community member. Michael ching speed dating tonight

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Michael ching speed dating tonight

Michael ching speed dating tonight

Michael ching speed dating tonight

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  1. This, too, is crucial, since we have 9 short weeks of rehearsal each spring semester before the performances with only 4 hours weekly, unlike the bigger musicals like "Kiss Me Kate!

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