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Paar - Hindi Full Movie - HD - Naseeruddin Shah - Shabana Azmi - Om Puri - Goutam Ghose

Paar movie

Sign in to vote. The editing also was good, all through it just kept the story moving forward. I hope so that many from my generation and from the future generations, watch this. The clerk finally finds his heart and offers Naurangia a little money. There are characters who are from a village, who seek employment and who are afraid of life in itself and would go to any length to respectfully earn their bread. Boats are an unnecessary expense, and naturally, there is no assurance for low caste lives. Print If absolute helplessness has a face, Naseeruddin Shah wears it as he stands at a grilled window listening to the taunting of a small time clerk. Younger than their cinematic counterparts but as hungry, weary and hapless, they are described merely as two beings. She has just been told that she and her husband are freeloaders. Any loss will mean imprisonment. If complete humiliation has a face, Shabana Azmi hides it with a sob in the folds of a sari she has hung out to dry. The fight to survive the elements could be a fight to survive in society. Yellow clay water gushes into their mouths. A pregnant woman holding life within her womb knows what a pregnant animal feels. Paar movie

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Paar movie

Paar movie

Paar movie

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  1. Using mere suggestions from the text, Ghose creates a context for Naurangia and Rama to leave their village and establishes how and why they are now marooned. Was this review helpful? They are not trying hard enough to find employment.

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