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The orphan kitchen scene

Kate reads a line that says, "My little sister went to heaven. But the demeaning, cruel way that she does it is something only an adult would do. Especially wince-inducing is a scheme in which Esther frames Kate for supposedly abusing her. She maintains a perfectly calculated Russian accent. A meanspirited bully ends up with a broken leg after a playground "accident. There are reverberations in her tone of voice and gestures that point to all of this stress building up. You are already subscribed to this email. Spliced throughout this scene is another in which Kate learns the bizarre truth about Esther: Esther exhibits exceptional artistic skills, plays a killer Tchaikovsky riff on the family piano, and knows the F-word, its meaning and contexts. Still, they're trying to make the best of it, and both parents love their kids even if Dad doesn't always know how to connect with Daniel. The twist of the film might be the draw for some people. In both cases, Esther strikes her victim seven or eight times to bloody effect. Mom seems to connect with her new daughter. The orphan kitchen scene

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The orphan kitchen scene

The orphan kitchen scene

The orphan kitchen scene

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  1. It was for me. Her malevolent behaviour and duplicity seem random at first, but when Kate begins to believe the child is working on a strategy to destroy the little harmony her family enjoys, she starts doubting the wisdom of her adoption choice and digs for more information about Esther — first at the Catholic orphanage from where she came, and, after the strange disappearance of its senior administrator a nun played by CCH Pounder , on the Internet, where her worst fears are confirmed. The family also cherishes Jessica's dear memory.

  2. To make it look as if Kate broke her arm, Esther puts it in a vice and tightens the crank until the bone snaps visibly and audibly under the skin. John and Kate have sex in the kitchen in an explicit scene. Mom seems to connect with her new daughter.

  3. Kate slaps Esther when she suspects Esther has tried to kill one of her children. And she has a strong revenge instinct, self-defence techniques that border on murderous and get her in trouble at school. Her drinking, we're told, resulted in her being unaware when Max slipped through broken ice and almost died.

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