China glaze vs opi. OPI vs China Glaze?.

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China glaze vs opi

The China Glaze is probably cheaper to add to your collection, but go with the colour you like most! Now I own both! Activity - Use to play a game or start a subreddit wide activity. Haul - Show off all your brand new goodies from your latest shopping trip! Polished - Gave the gift of polish? Shout it from the rooftops! The formula is nice and opaque with a good smooth consistency. To flair your post, simply press the flair button after posting and choose the correct tag. We know it is a top notch trust-worthy brand, and usually rather expensive well here in NZ. Westside Warrior China Glaze may not be a brand too many of you know. China glaze vs opi

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China glaze vs opi

China glaze vs opi

China glaze vs opi

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  1. I have had this bottle sitting around for a few months now and the formula was still smooth and easy to spread on my nail. A good shake sorted this out, and it definitely was not the crusty film you get from some polishes left over time. Posted by.

  2. New To Amazon Wishlisting? Use this subreddit to give random gifts, chat about nail polish related subjects, and meet new friends! Polish related items only please.

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