Im dating a church girl. .

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I'm in Love with a Church Girl Movie 2013 - full movie

Im dating a church girl

He's confused why a good God allows pain and suffering. By the time we meet her, it's clear that the church girl is in love with church. I can't possibly begin to tackle here why it seems so hard to make a great Christian film. Montego has a whole lot of struggles. However, director Steve Race and writer Galley Molina still make the misstep almost all contemporary Christian films make, which is their inability to portray the non-believing community as people who are moral and functioning well despite a lack of outspoken beliefs. For Vanessa, he decides to adopt a life more geared towards reading the Bible rather than ignoring it. The story is his, not the Church Girl's, and it was probably a good idea to put the weight of the material squarely on his shoulders. Despite Miles moving away from the local drug scene, Vanessa still wishes Miles was more involved in a faithful life. The films are sometimes less films and more long-winded sermons that, by the end of their runtime, have done nothing but tirelessly preach to the choir and can be metaphorically compared to a preacher who gets so wrapped up in what they're preaching they circle back to their point several times as they race around the stage with their face bathed in sweat and their voice getting more and more raspy as time goes on. The film does get other additional fields down, however, despite some glaring miscalculations still present. If you try too hard to convey the message s , you risk pummeling the relatable part of your art out of the production. I guess the obvious answer is that the journey of faith looks different for everyone, and the point of this film is that extreme measures are required for extreme cases of knee-bending. Throw in Stephen Baldwin as a detective and not one but two appearances from Christian rappers, and we at least have all the right ingredients for a promising movie. Ja Rule is actually good in this movie: But we're left wondering whether it really takes that level of intensity to move a searcher or a stagnant believer to the same place. Atkins and Bailon are both pretty good actors, and their ability to spark watchable chemistry that never treads the line of boredom is actually something that keeps the film interesting overall. I anxiously await a Christian film that shows us that even if someone is an Atheist that doesn't immediately make them a bad person, incapable of making wise, moral decisions. Im dating a church girl

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Im dating a church girl

Im dating a church girl

Im dating a church girl

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  1. The characters talk a little about sex, and some scenes at the club show people drinking alcohol. Montego has a whole lot of struggles.

  2. Consider Miles, who's life is magically turned around after he meets Vanessa, a good Christian girl and decides to assume a life of faith. I'm in Love With a Church Girl qualifies as, something I call, "a major-minor movie," or a film that is gravely underestimated and receives a barrage of negative reviews but just so happens to have several good qualities, even if it isn't perfect.

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