Letter to my best friends mom. An Open Letter to My Best Friend’s Mom.

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Letter to my best friends mom

The happiest couples report that the reason they are happy is because they have fun together. We laugh, cry, take adventures, and take part in ridiculous shenanigans together. We passed each other on the road each evening as I was headed home and he was headed to work. You have seen me at my best and helped me through my worst. I would like if we could drop the kids off and go out to dinner," instead of "You never take me anywhere anymore! Every human being has an emotional tank that needs filling. Without her and therefore, without you , my life would've turned out very different. Here are five of those hard-earned nuggets of wisdom. These are words of encouragement or loving gestures such as a kind text, a back rub, a handwritten note, or a compliment. There's no better feeling than having a whole second family to lean on when the going gets tough, and even to share moments that would've been too embarrassing to share with my own family. Letter to my best friends mom

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Letter to my best friends mom

Letter to my best friends mom

Letter to my best friends mom

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  1. Fun can be created in your ordinary every day with the right perspective and a little determination. You are my person and always will be.

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