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Target Focus Training LIVE: Self-Defense Techniques Against Someone with a Gun

Tim larkin videos

Product details Region: The easiest way to knock a man unconsciousness. DISC 2: The mindset you must adopt to have any chance against armed attackers. And that's all we're trying to show people: It's all right there as long as I know what I'm doing. The best way to practice so you "deep-encode" these skills into your nervous system. The part of your body you should never use in a fight. It's the original reality-based survival system: This not only creates space but also injures the attacker at one of his vital points, setting up an extra split second for appropriate deployment of your own knife or even a firearm. But I won't do that until you've got your basic strikes keyed in and you know where to put [them]. If I think [a gun I'm carrying] is the weapon, I'm screwed. I don't need this to be effective. Tim larkin videos

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Tim larkin videos

Tim larkin videos

Tim larkin videos

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  1. And more Everything else is a tool. In this exclusive video, this expert in the instruction of self-defense moves delves into how to defend yourself against an attacker wielding a knife using close-range fighting techniques to your tactical advantage.

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