How to talk more feminine. How to Speak like a Woman (Male to Female Transformation Tips).

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Voice Feminization Training for MTF - Top 5 Strategies

How to talk more feminine

I decided to make this video after I received a message asking how I manage to sound so feminine. Block praised EVA for making voice training accessible to far more people, but notes that much of voice training involves teaching speech patterns, which an app cannot cover. Test your voice and figure out a higher pitch that feels comfortable and sounds somewhat natural. Now imagine the same not being played by a violin, a trumpet, and an oboe. Please share in the comments below! Gradually practice speaking higher. Now, before I explain what to do once you get to that spot, let's examine the other method of arriving there. Now, trying to describe a voice in a text article is a bit difficult. Each has its own unique Resonance. Some people like to do character voices for fun. Figure out what you sound like. Here are some key distinctions: And some of the issue is cultural, adds Perez: I understand this. Of course, this does NOT mean you should drone on and on about yourself. Researchers are developing voice-training apps specifically for the transgender population. How to talk more feminine

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How to talk more feminine

How to talk more feminine

How to talk more feminine

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  1. This is a tough trick - kind of like wiggling your ears or patting your head while you rub your tummy. This effectively cuts the part of the voice box used in half and thereby loses the lowest of the harmonics, leaving almost EXACTLY the same range of harmonics as a genetic female voice. To expand your feminine vocabulary, listen to women in real life, on TV, and in movies.

  2. Put your finger of one hand on the top of your larynx, at the top of your Adam's apple.

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