Slave training male. Your New Male Slave.

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Emma Watson Slave Training

Slave training male

Hours of pleasure for me, hours of torment for him. When considered a polished and complete servant a slave is assigned to a temporary Mistress Owner who will test the slave before it is made the permanent property of a woman. If you're serious, make sure it's explicit. A written contract is usually the product required by a male seeking some kind of reward, usually personal joy! For Your use and pleasure. I expect I will regularly acquaint him with drinking my piss, but in this tender new stage, I frequently command him to use his own. Probably one of the most compelling things you can do to his head is to have him sign a slavery contract. Blindfold the trainee and bring the Lady to inspect and discipline. Nothing else. In all these activities, we want to discourage slacking. We're training your man's head. If he's faltering, just be patient and enjoy his efforts. And you'll never have to deal with a raised seat again! After signing and the contract and accepting the chastity, he's in a fragile state that you want to exploit but having him constantly feel ing submission. Trust he's begging to do anything to avoid that task again! Slave training male

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Slave training male

Slave training male

Slave training male

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  1. By the end of the first week, he should be well ready to deep throat, and his backside will be much looser and easier for your enjoyment. I then make them repeat the process at specific hours of the day so I can call and check. Let's face it -- that's where half his brain is normally.

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