The need to love and be loved. Why Do People Need Love in Their Life?.

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The need to love and be loved

This is her notion of love. When we knowingly and willingly allow this to happen, we sin — sometimes even seriously. Put yourself in the shoes of the other person and look at yourself objectively. For ludic lovers, love is a game, and their measure of victory is the number of partners they will have. Its so common to hear such people say "I want to be loved by my husband" or "i want to be loved by my wife". She wrote: Your marital relationship can show them a living definition of what committed love and intimacy mean. And some people actually deserve to be told that they are loved. This is all the more reason why we cherish and respect you for the strengths and the courage you show under pressure and in the face of troubling influences. They do not let the other know how they feel. Sexual involvement at this time usually means an unhealthy emotional dependence on one person, just when a successful maturing process requires having many and different kinds of contacts and friendships with others. How to Love and Be Loved You might not realize it yet, but you are surrounded by love. Knowing this, we are confident for the future. The need to love and be loved

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The need to love and be loved

The need to love and be loved

The need to love and be loved

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  1. But to be treated like a human being, you have to be accepted as one. Primary types of love 1.

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