Enema aloha tube. feet aloha tube.

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A Patient Receives an Enema

Enema aloha tube

The results of a flexible sigmoidoscopy exam are considered positive if the doctor finds polyps or abnormal tissue in the colon. Drinks may be limited to clear liquids — plain water, broth, carbonated beverages, and tea and coffee without milk or cream. The camera sends images to an external monitor so that the doctor can study the inside of your colon. You may need to adjust your dosages or stop taking the medication temporarily. The air expands the colon, which provides a better view of the colon lining. You should be able to return to your usual diet and activities right away. Negative result. Adjust your medications. Typically, you won't be able to eat the day before the exam. The doctor can also insert instruments through the scope to take tissue samples biopsies. Positive result. After the exam After the exam, you may have mild abdominal discomfort. To empty your colon, follow your doctor's instructions carefully. Take a laxative the night before the exam. Enema aloha tube

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Enema aloha tube

Enema aloha tube

Enema aloha tube

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  1. Sedation and pain medications usually aren't necessary. The camera sends images to an external monitor so that the doctor can study the inside of your colon. Walking may help relieve any discomfort.

  2. The results of a flexible sigmoidoscopy exam are considered negative if the doctor doesn't find any abnormalities in the colon. What you can expect During the exam Wearing a gown, you'll begin the exam lying on your side on the exam table, usually with your knees drawn toward your chest. A flexible sigmoidoscopy exam poses few risks.

  3. You may be asked not to eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the exam. Positive result.

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