New black panther party intimidating voters. New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case.

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Black Panthers Intimidating Voters in Philadelphia

New black panther party intimidating voters

Fine announced he was opening a second investigation, focusing not on the New Black Panther case specifically but on the more general question of whether the Justice Department enforces voting rights laws "in a non-discriminatory manner", [24] as well as whether voting section employees have been harassed for investigating or prosecuting particular matters. He has subsequent to his employment at the DOJ worked as a conservative activist, and argued forcefully for voter ID legislation and has without evidence alleged that there is an "alien invasion" at the voting booth. The case remained open when the Obama administration took office a few weeks later. That video became the subject of over nearly Fox News segments and two Department of Justice investigations. Christian Adams and Christopher Coates , the lead attorneys who had been involved in prosecuting the New Black Panther Party, to testify on why some of the complaints had been dismissed. To the contrary, the Black Panthers in October announced a nationwide deployment for the election. Under the Bush Administration, a criminal investigation into the incident was started, but later dropped. What the second video doesn't show, however, is that the man holding the club was asked to leave by police, which he did without incident. The U. Take your best shot at predicting the final electoral map for the Presidential Election Dismissal of the charges prompted critics to complain that Attorney General Eric Holder and the Obama administration showed racial bias. McCarthy referred to the comment by Bartle Bull, who witnessed the incident, that it was the most blatant form of voter intimidation he had ever encountered in his life, as well as the fact that it was highly unusual for the case to be dismissed after a default judgment against the defendants had already been won. In April Bartle Bull, a former civil rights lawyer who was serving as a poll watcher at the polling station where the incident occurred, submitted an affidavit at the Department of Justice's request supporting the lawsuit, stating that he considered it to have been the most severe instance of voter intimidation he had ever encountered. And the other man was a certified poll watcher. No complaints were filed by voters about the incident, although poll watchers witnessed some voters approach the polls and then turn away, apparently in response to the New Black Panther Party members. New black panther party intimidating voters

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New black panther party intimidating voters

New black panther party intimidating voters

New black panther party intimidating voters

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  1. Christian Adams On May 14, , Adams resigned from his post as a trial attorney for the voting section of the Department of Justice. Employees who worked the Brown case have described being harassed by colleagues due to the widespread belief that civil rights laws should not be used to protect white voters.

  2. The case precipitated deep divisions within the Justice Department. The conduct for which members of the New Black Panther Party were accused of voter intimidation took place on Election Day in November , at a polling station in a predominantly African-American, Democratic voting district of Philadelphia. The case and its handling by the Department of Justice is currently being investigated by the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

  3. She stated that because the story has pictures, it was the kind of story that you can run over and over again.

  4. Yaki described the panel as a " kangaroo court ". According to the commission, Ms. The division's public rationale would send the wrong message entirely — that attempts at voter suppression will be tolerated and will not be vigorously prosecuted so long as the groups or individuals who engage in them fail to respond to the charges leveled against them.

  5. Christian Adams see below that within the Civil Rights Division of the department there was "open hostility toward equal enforcement in a colorblind way", and requested a hearing to determine whether Adams' accusation was accurate.

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