Asp net updating database from gridview. Update database from gridview.

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C# Gridview - Insert Update and Delete With SQL Server

Asp net updating database from gridview

Figure 5: Also, keep in mind that for updating and deleting, the DetailsView uses the current product s DataKey value, which is only present if the DataKeyNames property is configured. If the parameter name and DataKeyNames value doesn t match, the GridView cannot automatically assign the parameter the value from the DataKeys collection. ConnectionString, which specifies what database to send the query to, and SelectCommand, which specifies the ad-hoc SQL statement or stored procedure name to execute to return the results. In that case, it shouldn t appear in the UpdateCommand. The SqlDataSource control supports the same operations, but the approach is different, and this tutorial shows how to configure the SqlDataSource to insert, update, and delete data. From the Designer on the Querying. To illustrate this, let s take an example from the Querying. Figure 5 depicts this interaction graphically. Scott works as an independent consultant, trainer, and writer. Asp net updating database from gridview

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Asp net updating database from gridview

Asp net updating database from gridview

Asp net updating database from gridview

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  1. As Figure 4 shows, when the page is visited through a browser a Delete button is included. For example, in the example from Step 2, maybe we want to have the UnitPrice BoundField be read-only. To accomplish this we need to specify values for the SqlDataSource control s DeleteCommand and DeleteParameters properties and then configure the GridView to support deleting.

  2. Rather, DeleteQuery is a combination of the DeleteCommand and DeleteParameters properties and is only listed in the Properties window when viewing the window through the Designer. Figure 8: Or we may want to set the value of a table field that does not appear in the GridView.

  3. Note When adding parameters that do not have corresponding fields in the data Web control, keep in mind that these parameters values will need to be assigned values in some manner.

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