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Flashing my mom

I went shopping again I was wondering if you could help me out? I couldn't handle it anymore. I was almost getting dizzy. My mom was sitting at the table and had a clear view of me and I could even turn a little to the side so she could see my profile. I woke up to my alarm and got out of bed. It was so much better than I had been imagining in the shower each morning. Wow I just caught my mom staring at my cock! She was on her back and I layed side ways on her with one had on her huge tits and we passed out. I was so glad I was sitting down because my I knew if I stood up my bulge would be sticking out more than normal. Could I just walk around with a boner all day now? I could also see a faint patch of pussy hair where she had trimmed a small landing strip. I wanted to take full advantage of showing off with no underwear on. They were very round in shape and were big enough that gravity pulled them downwards a bit. Flashing my mom

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Flashing my mom

Flashing my mom

Flashing my mom

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  1. She came over and started shaking the pan and in turn her sizable breasts began to move back and forth and caught my attention. As her ass raised up I used my had to push my cock downwards so it would rub on her pussy.

  2. Her yoga pants were so tight I thought I could see a camel toe. Was she looking at the pan or my cock? At this point I was fully hard but I was able to somewhat hide my erection with my breakfast plate.

  3. I pulled the towel down to reveal her back. I started to lose control of myself but continued the massage to keep up the charade. I had to do something and fast.

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