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Collegehumor funny videos

Ruben is placed in prosthetic and make-up by their make-up artist Hannah. They discuss all variety of nerdy matters and end with a surprise guest. They have to come back once or twice a day. Typically the ending of each episode features a scene in which Kim Jong-un's recently deceased father returns from the dead in some way and violently fights with his son. It is a parody of Honey Boo Boo. And it gives CollegeHumor an alternative to YouTube. And for comedy creators, YouTube is hardly the eyeball-jackpot it used to be: Last year, the NBC-owned comedy site Seeso—which featured material from Saturday Night Live, as well as original shows like HarmonQuest—folded after less than two years. The shorts involve Batman played by Pete Holmes , who—unlike in the movies and comics—is portrayed as oblivious and incompetent, much to the annoyance of friends and foes alike. The Verizon-launched free service Go90, which featured a handful of comedy offerings, closed for good this summer —not long after the millennial-aimed upstart Fullscreen announced it was shutting down. The CollegeHumor Show[ edit ] Main article: Collegehumor funny videos

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Collegehumor funny videos

Collegehumor funny videos

Collegehumor funny videos

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  1. He rides on a unicorn that flies on a flying carpet. Badman[ edit ] A series that parodies the Christopher Nolan Batman films.

  2. BearShark[ edit ] A traditionally animated series that features a bear and a shark teaming up to eat a man named Steve, and always succeeding though Steve always comes back , only for them to slowly develop a friendship with him.

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