Top 10 italian girl names.

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Italian girl names

Top 10 italian girl names

September 30 Continue Reading. We think we'll be hearing more of Giada pretty soon. It's not off the beaten track, but it's not extremely common, either. Feminine form of Giorgio 6. The great Roman general, Marcus Antonius, who was Cleopatra's lover, claimed that the origin of his name stemmed from Hercules. Sergio is a popular Christian name used to honor Saint Sergius. In Italian, it is a diminutive of the name Rosa Rose , by using the diminutive —etta, but it has a meaning itself. They are also said to be very cooperative, balanced, and trustworthy. Marina did make it back up to in but fell back down to last year. Sistine is a place name used for the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, the official residence of the Pope. In this etymology, Carina is said to mean "keel" as in the keel of a ship. Emilia is the feminine variation of Emilio, another popular Italian name. Though it will probably never take its place, it could definitely come close. Shakespeare used Marina for one of his characters who was born at sea in his play Pericles. Rosetta This is one of the most interesting Italian girls names. Lorenzo is Italian for "man from Laurentium. Top 10 italian girl names

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Top 10 italian girl names

Top 10 italian girl names

Top 10 italian girl names

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  1. Nicola Pisano was a male sculpture and painter in 13th century. Pinterest Donatella Versace is a famous fashion designer who heads the ultra-glam Versace fashion house.

  2. This time around it was a different story and by twenty years later it was in the top Read on for the top names for Italian girls along with their English translations, origins, and name days. A short and beautiful-sounding name for your girl.

  3. Giada, pronounced JAH-duh, is Italian for "jade. Carina was the name of a 4th century saint and martyr. Its Italian sound and four syllables give it a lot of impact.

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