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What is backdating?

Backdating conditional fee agreements

Relief was granted. The true party has been the same throughout and the solicitors have been the same throughout and it is clearly a pre-April Conditional Fee Agreement. In any event a contract between a patient lacking capacity and a solicitor is not void but is voidable and so even if the contract was between the claimant and the patient that would not be fatal to the agreement. The Judge may also have cared to look at why Barnetts went bust — they were the paradigm of a pile it high sell it cheap firm who did indeed do work at a distance. This required a letter of 13th October and occupied part of a further meeting at the home of the litigation friend on 21st October Effectively they would have funded that part of the preparation of the Untraced Drivers application which occurred during the currency of the CFA. Forde -v- Birmingham City Council EWHC Costs is a recent case on this point that highlights the circumstances in which one can use a retrospective agreement to replace an earlier defective retainer and also shows the legitimacy of entering into a CFA after being instructed but relating back to the date of first instruction. For this reason, anything less than strict compliance with the Practice Direction should be regarded as significant. If it could not do so then the agreement would be a novation, that is a new agreement, and the costs of the insolvent firm would be unrecoverable. This has perhaps been a grey area. In my judgment, the rules as to disclosure of funding arrangements were of particular importance in promoting the efficient conduct of litigation at proportionate cost. In his Skeleton Argument which was before the Judge, Mr. The best means would be disclosure of the facts in the Notice of Funding, but the very least the Rules require is accurate disclosure of the date of the agreement and a bill of costs which makes it clear that a success fee is being claimed on costs incurred before that date. The fee issue: I have considerable doubts about the enforceability of that paragraph. Accordingly where the agreement between the solicitor and the client is that the client will only pay, for example, where they have been successful, then the agreement must be in writing. Two potential consequences flow from this: Backdating conditional fee agreements

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Backdating conditional fee agreements

Backdating conditional fee agreements

Backdating conditional fee agreements

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  1. Shorrock which, if successful, engaged the Uninsured Drivers Agreement. Accordingly where the agreement between the solicitor and the client is that the client will only pay, for example, where they have been successful, then the agreement must be in writing. It appears to me that my sanction in relation to the breach of the Practice Direction whose significance is reinforced by the passage just cited should be proportionate to that assessment rather than to the lower assessment which I may have made myself.

  2. Consequently a minor is free to enter in to a binding and enforceable Conditional Fee Agreement on the basis that it is a contract for necessaries. As at the time of death the case has not been won and it is strongly arguable that there is no liability for costs. Again it was ex tempore, and was given during a hearing as is necessary in detailed assessment proceedings.

  3. He further considered that if the date of the CFA provided within the Notice of Funding was not accurate there was a danger that the Court might award, or the defendant might agree a success fee on pre- CFA costs where that was not justified or was at the incorrect level. The ruling The Judge gave a ruling on this issue.

  4. At the top of the first page this appears: That issue was not settled until January in Forde v.

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