Divorce and older adults. Divorce Rate Rises for Middle-Aged, Older Americans.

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27: My Parents' Divorce Still Hurts, with Leila Miller

Divorce and older adults

Few recent studies exist on the effects of divorce after a long-term marriage for men. At the same time, such policies must meet with the specific needs of the elderly residing in each community. Older adults are much more likely today than in the past to live together with a romantic partner rather than remarry. It may take three to five years to overcome the emotional aspects of divorce after a long-term marriage, and in some cases longer. Why did the working paper predict that the number of divorces among Americans 50 and older will remain high in the future? This suggests that people who have been married for a long time are divorcing at higher rates. Lifelong marriages are increasingly difficult to sustain in an era of individualism and lengthening life expectancies; older adults are more reluctant now to remain in empty shell marriages. Data about retirement savings and predictions about quality of life for senior citizens in the coming decades are mostly bleak. The cultural idea that marriage is forever has been waning. More from MarketWatch: Learn more. Divorce and older adults

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Divorce and older adults

Divorce and older adults

Divorce and older adults

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  1. It is easier now for women to be more financially stable than a few generations ago. Divorced women often face financial hardships, live closer to the poverty line, and have fewer financial assets. It may be harder to enjoy family gatherings and holidays.

  2. Parent-child relationships sometimes are negatively affected. Financial hardship. This progress of the Japanese aging society is quite different from what has been observed in Western nations.

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