Medical fetish sex list doctor. Beneath The Sheets.

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Medical fetish sex list doctor

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Some people even get medical training in order to perform at the most advanced levels, or purchase their gear directly from sites intended for surgical or hospital use. Sexual arousal from the desire to take another's temperature or have one's temperature taken is primarily what surrounds the fetish. And, speaking of intense, medical fetishism can definitely get in to some pretty advanced territory. Learning and doing some real medical examinations as part of your play, such as a breast or testicular exam. Play involving urine, stool, vomit, or other bodily fluids. If, for example, creating fresh wounds, performing actual examinations, or inserting a medical device is involved then it is vital that proper, sterilized equipment is used and that the person performing the exercise is trained and confident in engaging in their medical fetish. Examinations may include an examination and intrusion of the anus, urethra, or vagina, as well as handling and twisting of the penis, testicles, clitoris, and nipples. This might be augmented with the use of camera devices go-pro vibrators are a thing. Temperature-taking fetish[ edit ] Temperature taking fetish is a sexual fetish for oral thermometers and rectal thermometers. Sexual arousal from the desire to administer anesthesia, or the sexual desire for oneself to be anesthetized are two forms in which an individual may exist as an arbiter of the fetish. Some anesthesia fetishists who seek to be anesthetized may feign or induce medical conditions in an attempt to obtain general anesthesia from medical personnel. Mental health roleplays, in which straightjackets and similar tools might be purchased as used as part of play. Medical fetish sex list doctor

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Medical fetish sex list doctor

Medical fetish sex list doctor

Medical fetish sex list doctor

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  1. Purchasing some more advanced medical equipment a stethoscope, blood pressure device, or a neurological reflex hammer in order to make any roleplay between you more realistic, and perhaps even a bit more medically beneficial.

  2. But, perhaps most importantly, our sheets will provide a clean, fluidproof area from which advanced users can confidently perform their medical processes and allow for urine, stool, or vomit to be involved without increased risk of contamination or infection. We know we do.

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