Quail egg shooter. Quail egg shooter (raw), surprisingly good. - Picture of Matsuhisa-Aspen, Aspen.

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Quail egg shooter

And then serve! Crack open and drop 1 raw quail egg into each sake shot glass while the sake is still hot so the quail egg becomes lightly poached. Make uni shooters, of course. The shell also can't be reused if you leave the membrane, as it retains flavors and can't easily be washed. The flattened end of a peeled, hard-boiled egg shows you where the air cell once was. If you have an egg separator, you might want to try using it here! And the recipe is versatile, making it easy to sub in other delicacies from the sea like scallops and uni for the oysters. Shuck 4 oysters and remove from shell. Too much ponzu will make it unbearably salty. Of course, this will depend on the brand of ponzu sauce you buy as well, as they vary in saltiness. Quail egg shooter

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Quail egg shooter

Quail egg shooter

Quail egg shooter

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  1. And the recipe is versatile, making it easy to sub in other delicacies from the sea like scallops and uni for the oysters.

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