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Angie Pontani performs at The Box

The box nightclub in london

This is now our 4th year with you. The show reaches about 8 million listeners nationwide. Making full use of the warehouse layout - the industrial girders, iron pillars, and high ceiling - Ben Kelly set about designing the Hacienda, a very different place to most clubs in Britain with their sticky carpets and potted plants. At the end of one night a lad drew a gun on me and demanded my records. Thank you. The DJs played " The business has now sold more than 55 million compilation albums worldwide. The feedback from the team is that they all had a great time. Visit www. According to Berkmann, it managed to empty rival nightclub Tramp for its first six months by drawing its celebrity clientele, before "they stopped coming and it was more about the dance music community". The box nightclub in london

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The box nightclub in london

The box nightclub in london

The box nightclub in london

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  1. During the early s in New York City, disco clubs were places where oppressed or marginalized groups such as homosexuals, blacks, Latinos, Italian-Americans, and Jews could party without following male to female dance protocol or exclusive club policies. And the regulars; everyone has a different version of what went on at the club. Music was fantastic and we danced all night Katie Fun night had by all.

  2. He lobbied for the DJ box to be moved from the bunker and a wooden structure on the balcony was eventually built, overlooking the dancefloor.

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