What to expect at your first gyno appointment. What to Expect at Your First Gynecological Exam, Step by Step.

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What to expect at your first gyno appointment

Your doctor will talk to you about your general medical history. What are the pelvic exam and Pap test? If you are going to have any tests, the doctor will explain them first so you don't have to be anxious. Pelvic Exam Part 2: They've learned that young women do not have the same HPV risk that older women do, so the guidelines have relaxed in terms of the age of your first visit. After the external examination is concluded, a sterile medical device called a speculum will be inserted into the vagina. Sometimes but not always your doctor will also perform a breast exam to check for unusual lumps, which can be a sign of breast cancer. Tetanus—diphtheria—pertussis Tdap booster Meningococcal vaccine Influenza vaccine yearly In addition to routine vaccines, special vaccines may be given to young women who are at an increased risk for certain diseases. It's important that you find a gynecologist you trust. That's because so many of these infections are viruses that can be dormant or latent for many years. The doctor can diagnose and treat any problems, such as missed periods, and pelvic or stomach pain. The first visit may be just a talk between you and your doctor. Real talk: Once the speculum is in place, the clinician checks for any irritation, growth, or abnormal discharge from the cervix. But most women will go for a yearly wellness visit to renew their birth control prescription, have their well-woman visit, get STI testing, or check in on any other sexual health concerns they have. How often do you have periods? What to expect at your first gyno appointment

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What to expect at your first gyno appointment

What to expect at your first gyno appointment

What to expect at your first gyno appointment

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  1. Then the speculum will be gently removed from the vagina and this portion of the examination will be over. If you are using birth control, you will be asked if you've experienced any side effects 7. Pelvic examination:

  2. This is a quick procedure that involves taking a sample of your cervical cells and testing them to verify that they are healthy.

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