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Grace Flipped Homes: Seven Pillars of Healthy Relationships - 10:30am Worship 5-20-18

7 pillars of healthy relationships

So there you have it, a brief overview of the 7 pillars of a lasting marriage. Humility -- Being able to be humble, acknowledge fault or say, "I'm sorry" when necessary creates an opening for love, understanding and healing to occur in the relationship. AND I get to be me. The WHY behind the relationship. Communication -- Open communication with one another is when you can discuss difficult topics and resolve conflict with one another effectively. Partners are able to express one another's feelings, needs and opinions as well as actively listening and being receptive to one another point of view. Couples have a great deal of power and influence over each other, and too often this fact is ignored or forgotten. Honor Can I feel powerful over me around you? Why does God think this a good idea? Each pillar has a stabilizing affect on the relationship; they often work in tandem, influencing each other in a dynamic way. Can I offer to you as a foundation piece, the option to stay the same as you are right now, or do I need you to change? In those instances your partner will be filled with appreciation and will set into motion a culture of reciprocity and mutual respect. Some things that oppose presence are: 7 pillars of healthy relationships

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7 pillars of healthy relationships

7 pillars of healthy relationships

7 pillars of healthy relationships

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  1. Not in my marriage, not with my children, not with my friends, not as a person. And, depending on the context of your relationship, certain pillars might be more relevant at a particular moment than others.

  2. To genuinely acknowledge when you have made a mistake or hurt your partner demonstrates humility.

  3. You once were not free; you now are! When this exchange flows fluidly and regularly back and forth in the partnership it create a positive exchange of energy and reciprocity in the relationship.

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