Best social networking sites to meet people. General Social Network List.

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Make Friends Abroad With These Websites!

Best social networking sites to meet people

Homepage image courtesy of Flickr, Susana Fernandez. Sonico, more importantly, let's its members more control over their profile by giving them three distinct profiles that the user can organize based on the need: What's more, for all of you concerned with Facebook's privacy practices, Bumble now offers Facebook-free registration. Exchange tips and advice, get information from city guides, talk about housing, visas and other interesting things. To be able to create an account with this site, at least one of the uploaded images must be accepted by the administrator. It's very popular in the European Union. Read and write reviews of a particular country and your travel experiences. While a backpacker just passing through probably won't find this network useful, InterNation can help more long-term transplants find professional and personal connections. Unlike most of the other social networks, LinkedIn does not focus on making friends or sharing media like photos, videos and music. Once the friendship is confirmed all the people in your friends' Friend Space become part of your network. Kaixin is a popular professional networking tool in China. Search for any city in the world and you will find events and groups of people with shared interests. You can also join a variety of events where you can meet people, ranging from language classes and parties to tours of local sights. Just be sure to take the connection offline with some fun get-togethers. Best social networking sites to meet people

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Best social networking sites to meet people

Best social networking sites to meet people

Best social networking sites to meet people

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  1. Tuenti is an invitation-only private social networking website. The target audience for Kaixin's, are typically white-collar middle class who come from a first tier city. Hyves, pronounced hives from beehives is the largest social network in Netherlands, with many Dutch visitors and members.

  2. Facebook Groups Facebook has created a versatile place where groups of people can organize events and collaborate on projects. Just go live, start chatting with people, and discover like-minded people you enjoy chatting with.

  3. The Meetup mobile app for Android and iOS shows you which groups to join in your area around your favorite pastimes.

  4. Gaia Online is a mix of social networking and massive multiplayer online role-playing games. You can't simply sign up, however; membership is strictly invitation-based, meaning you have to apply first. It also empowers you to choose the accessories and customize the look and feel of your QZone webpages.

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