Body mist how to use. Complementary Scents: Upping Your Perfume Game with Body Mists.

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How To Apply Perfume & Common Mistakes

Body mist how to use

Body mists are a crucial component of fragrance layering. My favorite is the body mist strawberry-anise , available in a handy bottle of 75 ml. Kathleen Kamphausen 7. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Because of the chemical composition of body mists, they evaporate quickly on the skin, often leaving you without any remaining scent even a short time after application. The first scent you smell as soon as a fragrance is sprayed is the top note, which disappears after a few minutes anyway. Plus, the facial mists can also pull double duty as a makeup primer and finisher. Kathleen Kamphausen 3. Kathleen Kamphausen 4. Preferably, the skin should be clean, so most people who use body mists do so immediately after showering or bathing. If you spray it immediately after drying, your pores are open and the scent will stay longer. No need to waste blotter strip paper. Plus, it has astringent properties thanks to witch hazel while the white willow extract is a natural source of salicylic acid that helps clear pores. Kathleen Kamphausen 6. After a night out or an evening of cooking, your clothes can have some unpleasants smells. You might consider applying body mist shortly before bed. Body mist how to use

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Body mist how to use

Body mist how to use

Body mist how to use

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  1. First, it acts as a refreshing, pick-me-up mist for the face. Advice from my friend: Plus, the facial mists can also pull double duty as a makeup primer and finisher.

  2. After you spray the body mist, step into the mist in the air to allow the body mist to cover your skin completely.

  3. Repeat this spraying technique until you apply the body mist to all the desired areas of your body. These odors disappear quickly if you hang the clothes in the fresh air and then spray some mist on them.

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