Deeper dating gay men. .

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"I Can't Date Jesus" looks at challenges black gay men face today

Deeper dating gay men

Julie Spira is known worldwide as a leading online dating expert and dating coach. Jealousy plagues our community. We say we want one thing, but really want another. The deadline to receive a refund is 2 weeks from your date of purchase. Tim has worked with Ken on several occasions and found his workshops thought-provoking and powerful. By bringing the magic and aliveness of your core gifts into your search for love, you can take your dating to the next level of soulful depth, exciting discovery and vulnerable authenticity. We have had some of the most intimate conversations I have ever had in my life. Ken and Arielle describe the effects of these practices in their own lives and the lives of their students, but more importantly, they teach these practices to you, the listener. Gay dating is really hard, but nothing worth having comes easy, so lead with love and positivity, and more than anything just be open to what could be. Arielle and Ken will share the spiritual practices which have helped them most in their search for love, and the practices they recommend most highly for everyone seeking a loving and lasting relationship. I felt completely safe with him. Every where we turn, it almost feels like we have everything telling us not to commit. For the past 25 years she has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. Deeper dating gay men

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Deeper dating gay men

Deeper dating gay men

Deeper dating gay men

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  1. How to create a personal plan for your intimacy journey, using your own deep intuition. We will also talk about how to create an experience of inner emotionally safety as you learn to navigate the wild and relatively new world of online dating.

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