How to dye a lace front wig. How to Dye Lace Closure and Not Your Lace (Video Tutorial).

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How To Dye 360 Lace Wig At Home - From Black to Golden Bronze - OMGHERHAIR

How to dye a lace front wig

Take a push pin and secure it to the mannequin. I can personally get away with using Rit dye in the colors chocolate or dark brown. Why you ask? The toothbrush will allow you to color the roots right up to the lace without bleeding through to the opposite side of the lace. Since swiss lace is essentially a type of fabric, there are two types of products that you can use. Comb After you apple the color take a comb and comb the color through so that the dye coats every strand. We have personally tried Adore semi-permanent hair color and our personal favorite, Rit fabric dye. But you must take into consider that any damage to the hair can't be repaired before coloring full lace front lace human hair wigs,and that you won't be able to bleach hair or dye a human hair wig more than once. Measurements are not specific, but I usually start with a cap full and keep repeating until I achieve the potency that I desire. After washing and conditioning simply let the hair air dry. How to dye a lace front wig

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How to dye a lace front wig

How to dye a lace front wig

How to dye a lace front wig

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  1. Step 1 Cover your mannequin head with a plastic cover to protect it. If you complete this section first, you can work on the other sections in any order that suits you. Luckily for you we have a couple of tried and true suggestions.

  2. Post navigation. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 Continue dyeing and combing the dye throughout the entire closure all the way to the front. It usually takes us 45 seconds to one-minute tops to get the color that I desire.

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