Womens crossed legs. .

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What MEN think of WOMEN CROSSING THEIR LEGS! [Life Conversation #21]

Womens crossed legs

Fidgeting Feet Fidgeting feet are a good indicator of someone's impatience threshold. For a woman, positions like the scissors stance and the single leg crossed stance send two messages: Strutting her stuff Putting Your Foot Forward When we're interested in either a conversation or a person, we put one foot forward to shorten the distance between us and that person. Standing crossed legs This is how many people stand when they are among people whom they don't know well. This allows males to highlight their masculinity and show solidarity as a team by performing the same actions. It is used as a dominance signal by men because it highlights the genitals, giving them a virile look. Entwining Your Legs Some gestures are particular to men and others are particular to women. All these characteristics are consistent with increase fertility - thus increased attractiveness. This genital display arises also in the primate world, negating the damage that might be inflicted in a physical fight as male chimps or monkeys constantly reorder group hierarchy. Shy women often entwine their legs while standing Seated Parallel Legs Women's legs and hips have bone structure enabling them to sit in this manner, projecting strong feminine signals. Imagine now that you notice another group of people standing with arms unfolded, palms visible, relaxed appearance and leaning back on one leg with the other pointing towards others in the group. Of the women analyzed, only 90 initially sat with their ankles crossed. Many older women by habit will still sit in this position even though they no longer wear short skirts. Walk away and watch how, one by one, the members of the group assume their original open poses once again. Womens crossed legs

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Womens crossed legs

Womens crossed legs

Womens crossed legs

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  1. The expressions 'Having your feet on the ground' and 'Standing on your own two feet' refer to the ancient Chinese custom of binding women's feet.

  2. They tend to do it only around other women though, not men, as they don't want to appear too masculine. If a person sits in the waiting room with his ankles uncrossed he's probably there for a routine dental check-up that he knows won't take too long and won't be particularly painful. Video recordings of people lying were shown to other people who were asked to determine if the people on the video were lying, or telling the truth.

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