Aneros mp3. Aneros Orgasms and cum [Audio only].

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Aneros mp3

Many Aneros users find this recording an aid to relaxation and obtaining Super-O states. This recording can only be an effective tool when combined with other tools to construct your bridge to the Super-O and allow you to cross over. Ultimately, only the individual can decipher the unique combination to un-lock the door to the Super-O, even then, he must make the leap of faith to open it and step through. The first hour of the voiced portion of Disc 1 prepares the listener by relaxing him, inducing a hypnotic state, then empowering his mind to create the erotic arousal to fully appreciate the experience. Aneros users are finding its teachings useful in unlocking the mental energies essential to moving into the Super-O zone. Wedges These are fabric covered mainly foam rubber blocks available in different sizes and shapes as aids in providing body support in varying positions during sex play. This program is primarily intended for the newbie Aneros owner but users at all experience levels may find it useful. Silencer As applied to Aneros usage, a silencer is any device used to muffle the sometimes loud vocalizations that Aneros owners may utter during their orgasmic sessions. Urban Tantra: It is similar to the device originally designed for women to use vaginally. The musical artists and their works employed in this recording: Victoria Wizell is a well regarded hypnotist who has produced a series of CD and MP3 sessions on a wide variety of topics including sexuality. Most of these techniques are complimentary to and readily adaptable for Aneros practioners usage. Their discussion forum and user blogs are available for public viewing. The process involves learning to articulate a specific sound pattern to initially awaken and amplify the multi-orgasmic sensations that subsequently become available to the practioner at will, either with or without subsequent use of the specific sound pattern. This 2 CD self hypnosis session is intended to aid men in their session enjoyment by employing hypnotic techniques to induce a physically and mentally relaxed state while simultaneously seeking to heighten erotic arousal. There are many variable combinations involved to achieve a Super-O. Aneros mp3

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Aneros mp3

Aneros mp3

Aneros mp3

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  1. Each "HypnAerosession" will have an indeterminate outcome, the best one can hope for is to establish a physical and psychic environment warmly receptive to this orgasmic experience.

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