Bisexual comics. 9 Lesbian and Bi Women in Comic Books You Should Know About.

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Funny Illustrations Explaining What It Is Actually Like Being A Bisexual!

Bisexual comics

Perhaps the strongest argument for Loki having always having encompassed some degree of queerness is the fact that he comes from a world that does not, for all we know, impose the same heteronormative standards as earth. I also created an eighty-page book called We Belong: Wertham was hysterical over the Holliday Girls. Throughout and , I wrote my true, personal dating stories as they happened and collected two fifty page comics called Bisexual Trials and Errors: He did some pretty Bad Things. Loki does not make a caring husband. Oh, snap, we knew he was bisexual all along! He seems to feel guilt and some degree of sympathy. Do want. Still with me? As an artist, my best way to resist them is to publicly express my most vulnerable and true self through drawings and stories. Bisexual comics

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Bisexual comics

Bisexual comics

Bisexual comics

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  1. Wonder Woman Due to the sapphic undertones of her earliest comics, Wonder Woman has been an icon to lesbian and bi women for decades. Loki is, in Marvel comics, the biological father to Fenrir a giant wolf and Jordmungand a giant snake. He was a new person and strove to make better choices.

  2. Big, huge, special thanks to the following people for helping me expand my thoughts about this topic in a constructive way: Diana knew it and so did Kate. Renee Montoya Though Renee was initially created for Batman:

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