Homosexuality in the renaissance. LGBT history.

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Medieval Homosexuality

Homosexuality in the renaissance

After the institution of compulsory confession at the Fourth Lateran Council , the practices of the laity resulted in a new consideration of ethics by theologians; Bishop Grosseteste of Lincoln, for instance, worked on Aristotle's Ethics, and new handbooks for confessors were produced. Although we have looked at evidence from a number of periods and regions there is no evidence that any one group of homosexuals knew of any other's existence []. This evidence shows that heterosexuals in the Middle Ages practised a wide range of sexual activity. Latimer, The seconde Sermone London: The Boundaries of Eros: Garde means "in drag". This is a Freudian explanation of homosexuality, and apart from being unprovable does not explain why a "feminized" man should become a distant paterfamilias when he finally married after the age of thirty. Ktav, , pp. The public record usually expunged references to gays, gays themselves were largely silent or silenced, and literary sources and histories, written by our opponents, are defamatory. Why these laws and punishments were made only in the thirteenth century is disputed. University of California Press, The main focus of the present paper will be on the experience of homosexuality for individuals and on what can be gleaned about the subcultures or other kinds of social networks homosexuals belonged to in diverse medieval periods. Such social networks, although not necessarily sordid, can be seen in the letters of Aelred of Rievaulx []. Homosexuality in the renaissance

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Homosexuality in the renaissance

Homosexuality in the renaissance

Homosexuality in the renaissance

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  1. Heterosexuals were allowed at least some sexual expression and the whole orientation of society towards marriage gave them a way of coping. Betteridge ed.

  2. This was often called "sodomy" in a heterosexual context. History and the Gay Imagination:

  3. Richard von Krafft-Ebing 's publication, Psychopathia Sexualis, was the most widely translated work of this kind. Other authors not attached to structuralist theory, such as Guido Ruggiero [8], are now joining Boswell.

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