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Do you smoke after sex? He and his wife agreed to smoke only after sex. McNulty gets a late night phone call from a strange woman because Bunk is at her house and has set off her fire alarm twice. Cue the entire town lighting a cigarette and taking a puff. New style, you go out for pizza and I never see you again. Kochanski describes her relationship with Lister as "hanging out in your bunk, eating take-away curries and having fantastic sex. It can be found here. Cut to a scene of them exhausted and Gene smoking. Becker remarks "I just remembered another cigarette I really miss". This trope ensued. In one Teen Titans comic, Terra enjoys a post-coital puff as she and Deathstroke lay out their plans to destroy the Titans. The air has become so polluted that humans have been adapted to it. Oddly, despite how suggestive that entire scene was, she later claims to have never had sex with him, in a situation in which she'd have no reason to lie. Rian Johnson apparently favors this trope. Of course, he gets another chance later. Elizabeth and the Monster eventually do it in Young Frankenstein. Hotsextv

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  1. Harry says there's some in his desk, but they're only chocolate. Special mention must go to the film Thank You for Smoking not so much for containing this trope, but for a subplot revolving around a plot by the tobacco industry to revive this trope.

  2. One version can be found at the bottom of this page. The Last Man. When he crawls down the fire escape to retrieve his last cigarette, which he dropped out the window, and encounters a couple having sex in the apartment below, they are shocked - and then he asks, "I don't suppose you two are going to have a smoke after you're done?

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