Hwp what does it mean. What Does "HWP" Stand for in the Personals?.

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HWP meaning and pronunciation

Hwp what does it mean

A perfect road trip buddy for Aspen? The questions regarding felonies will be moved to a page about felonies on your record. Weight sometimes is measured by a caliper wrapped around skin gathered at specific locations on the body. But for others, missing the hidden codewords implanted in an ad could land you in a sticky situation. This carries dire medical implications. Like any neck of the woods, it has its fair share of creeps and weirdos. Doesn't anyone realize that if a straight guy had sex with a gay guy, he'd either be bi or gay? It is something of a '90s acronym, often used in personal ads to indicate the person is not overweight. This one will snort the snow off the slopes. It likely is used in place of actual height and weight figures both to save space and to preserve privacy but also because merely noting height and weight does not always convey whether a person is in good shape. Hwp what does it mean

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Hwp what does it mean

Hwp what does it mean

Hwp what does it mean

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  1. People Seeking People You can use Craigslist to buy and sell furniture, electronics or even cars, and to find work or hire others, without ever wandering into the dubious provinces of the personals section.

  2. In the beginning, you will be nice, genuine, and have a real desire to offer good sound solid advice. In any case, you will get hooked. This carries dire medical implications.

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