Interracial muslim marriage. find out more!.

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Interracial Marriage

Interracial muslim marriage

Bearing that in mind, it is important to accept and respect these differences and not to make it a basis for problems. Maryam views her marriage as any other marriage that has its normal day to day challenges and does feel that the difference in culture causes more strain. It was never her intention to marry someone with a different cultural background; it was just something that happened as she came from a family where strong Islamic ideals superseded culture. Being in a culturally different marriage is constant reminder for me that we need to speak what is in our hearts so we understand each other correctly. Nevertheless, make sure that the union you are about to sign off to is worthy of such a battle, make sure that his or her deen is the focal point of your union, and lastly, make sure that the beautiful deen manifests in the character of the individual so that you may raise righteous children that can also combat the bigotry and racism we battle with every day in our cultures. Thankfully, the Prophetic tradition sheds light on this subject for us. You will inevitably deal with demonizing stares and empty chitters of hurtful gossip and hatred, but I promise you, that if your union is truly for the pleasure of Allah, you will not be affected by any of the bigots in your way. At the time, he had been a part-time employee at my local gym and was working as an opera singer at the cathedral in Washington, D. The fact that he was a foreigner, a Palestinian Jordanian, and I was a South African featured very little in my decision. I met them afterwards and they treat me like a true daughter, and Mama is my mother now. In the process of doing so, he was taking a step in dismantling the tribal chauvinism of the Hijazi Arabs as it relates to whom their children could marry. I had to cut the conversation short and as I was leaving, he asked me to give him a Quran and if I would be interested in reading his Bible. If not, there will be chaos and widespread corruption in the earth. Marriage is a beautiful thing and if you assess the most crucial aspects of your potential spouse on worldly things such as culture and wealth, you are truly missing out on having a gem that will take you to Jannah, God-willing. Muslim, Sahih Muslim, No. Interracial muslim marriage

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Interracial muslim marriage

Interracial muslim marriage

Interracial muslim marriage

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  1. I think newlyweds, and those in love, often make the mistake of thinking that their partner knows exactly what is happening in their heads, understands exactly how they feel.

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