How to make a mini dollhouse. .

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DIY dollhouse ( miniature loft apartment)

How to make a mini dollhouse

I've gone back to my first jig, see the chair is standing up on it's bottom. I sent her this web page while I was still making it. I've cut them about half a centimetre wide. This is so that you can glue it onto the dollhouse wall. Apply lots of glue to the pelmet back and simply lay the curtains onto the glue 6. Now here's the secret weapon - a can of strong hold hairspray. According to the lady who showed me how to do this, these things will stay like this for years! Then I painted with Rustoleum white oil base paint. Whatever's cheapest at the supermarket will do! I've made the first bend at the back of the seat. It works really well for bedding too as you can see at Linda's blog. I've continued around the brads. Adding a little bit of trim makes the pelmet look classy. When you get the 1 inch square to measure 1 inch, you have the patterns correct. You can move the aluminum tubing a bit, but don't worry it to death, it will break. I don't use the "tube benders". I am heavy handed with the glue for this job. How to make a mini dollhouse

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How to make a mini dollhouse

How to make a mini dollhouse

How to make a mini dollhouse

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  1. If you hold them up to the light you will see the pinholes. Apply a good amount of glue to the rod and simply lay the top of the curtains onto the glued rod.

  2. Cut this pattern out and glue it to your scrap of wood. Who would have thought that Rosie would choose such lacy curtain?

  3. Transfer the patterns at the top of this posting to a program that you can change sizes in. It'll only take a minute or two. Reinforce the back side of the pelmet with thin wood, popsicle sticks work well.

  4. They are very easy to make, and look quite effective in a dollhouse. Cut the bamboo skewers [or any narrow rod] a little bit wider than the window, sand the rough end and then paint or stain them whatever you wish. So take your time and have fun!

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