Kennesaw fire department. Marietta Fire Department Graduates Nine Recruits.

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Marietta (GA) Fire Dept Recruit Class 2013 perform "Sally up, Sally Down"

Kennesaw fire department

They saw what was going on and came out and asked what they could do to help. Those who showed up and stuck around to show support and offer assistance. They helped secure temporary housing for those residents who had nowhere to go. They graciously provided the transportation and opened up their church to provide sleeping quarters for those who had nowhere to go. Here are the few things to keep in mind should you ever experience a fire in home or business. We are so grateful for their commitment to help all those in need. One less thing they had to think about with what they had just been through. Whenever there is a fire in home or business, don't rush in side the premise. Those who showed up bringing necessities for all those displaced due to the fire! It is important to start cleanup as soon as possible to regain normalcy and a sense of control. Kennesaw fire department

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Kennesaw fire department

Kennesaw fire department

Kennesaw fire department

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  1. Some property may be salvageable and needs to be protected from further damage. The thinblueline family example at its best.

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