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Milwaukee Brewers vs Chicago Cubs Highlights -- NL Central Tiebreaker -- October 1, 2018

Mlb brewers

In , the Brewers entered the double-knit era with uniforms based upon their flannels: The road uniforms were grey and featured the same script "Brewers" on the front, with a simple patch on the left sleeve bearing a script "Milwaukee". The club wore these uniforms in their pennant-winning season of The block letters on the front were replaced with "Brewers" in a flowing script, and green was removed as the third color. In , the Brewers introduced Retro Sundays, when the Brewers would wear uniforms featuring the "ball-in-glove" logo. The home uniforms also featured a patch on the left sleeve consisting of the cap logo with a gold outline of the state of Wisconsin behind it, showing the Brewers statewide appeal. There was also an alternate navy blue jersey that had the same features as the home jersey. In addition, this season saw the introduction of the logo that was to define the club: However, the outline of the Pilots' logo remained visible. Ryan Braun in the batters circle at Miller Park in Milwaukee on July 10, Although the uniforms were supposed to debut with the opening of Miller Park, the Big Blue crane collapse in July , which cost the lives of three workers and caused damage to the first base side of the stadium, delayed the opening of Miller Park for one year, so the uniforms actually debuted at Milwaukee County Stadium in the ballpark's final year. Mlb brewers

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Mlb brewers

Mlb brewers

Mlb brewers

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  1. The cap was an updated version of the Milwaukee Braves cap in blue and yellow. The blue alternate jersey placed the player's number on the lower left side instead of the logo. The Brewers mascot, Bernie Brewer a man with a large yellow mustache wearing a Brewers hat was introduced in

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