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Sec tumblr

Several former Tumblr users said they were optimistic about Pillowfort, a blogging platform that combines features of Tumblr and Patreon. He connected with artists in the adult content industry and found potential clients. That's a misunderstanding of what Tumblr did Tech Guide Tumblr's ban on adult content is pushing artists and sex workers to other sites, such as Twitter and Patreon The blogging site, owned by Yahoo parent Verizon, announced earlier this month it would flag and remove "adult content. Published 5: Tumblr communities won't be easily replicated for users who explicitly dealt in adult content. The site is currently in private beta testing. He also watched as groups of white supremacists and misogynists formed at the margins of the site. There is no integrity in what they're doing," she said. Now, with a strict and poorly executed ban on adult content, Tumblr is alienating power users and pushing some to other sites. Tumblr has long housed some of the most self-expressive, marginalized communities of the internet. Sec tumblr

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Sec tumblr

Sec tumblr

Sec tumblr

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  1. Carlson said several of her works were hidden from her own view and wiped of their tags, which made them easier to search for. The site welcomed LGBTQ and sex-positive bloggers, artists and creators, self-proclaimed nerds and those in need of support.

  2. Trauma survivors turned to Tumblr for relief, he said, and young artists found a sympathetic audience.

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