Sexy eye makeup for blue eyes. 20 Ridiculously Sexy Eye Makeup Looks.

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Make Blue eyes POP! Bronze Glitter Make up Tutorial! - Rachel Leary

Sexy eye makeup for blue eyes

As we stressed earlier, if you want to bring out the best of your blue, blue eyeshadow is a no go. Glittery pink Photo: Look how it makes the eyes look warm and sensual. If you have light blue Barbie coloured eyes, neutral browns and orange or bronze tones look best, but if your peepers are medium blue consider going for blacks, browns, charcoal, copper, heather, or even a deep moss. A touch of pearly shimmer in the inner corners brightens up the whole look. Start by applying eye shadow primer. If there's colour that tends to weigh down blue eyes like no other colour, it is blue. Matte smokey eyes Photo: For this makeup idea, mix peach and purple shadows for a bold look that will last throughout the day. Pro tip: How to make blue eyes pop I would also like to give you some bonus tips for eye makeup for blue eyes. In terms of mascara, opt for brown mascara for the upper and lower lashes. Always apply a base coat on your face, making sure you create an even tone. Sexy eye makeup for blue eyes

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Sexy eye makeup for blue eyes

Sexy eye makeup for blue eyes

Sexy eye makeup for blue eyes

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  1. For the full blown candle lit eyeshadow tutorial click here. Pinned by Britt Beazley via Tumblr Photo: I want to make my eyes look as beautiful as possible as well.

  2. Instead, choose a soft, beige pencil like Note Cosmetics Eyeshadow Pencil in Pearl Beige that will brighten eyes naturally.

  3. For a fun, modern take on a classic, reach for the golden glitter pot and apply all along the lower lash line and underneath the eye, focusing particularly on the inner corner. Pinned by Britt Beazley via Tumblr Photo: Evening makeup looks to try Shine on:

  4. Whether your blue eyes are light or dark, the key is choosing the right hue for your exact type of blue: If you have bright blue eyes, always stick to a lighter beige palette, such as ash, camel, gold, grey, or taupe.

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